Exploración desde la acción en el LanClub de Beijing.兰会所 北京

Exploración desde la acción en el LanClub de Beijing.兰会所 北京

LAN Club introduced the third in a series of Iberoamerican art events, this time the works of 10 Spanish artists

will be showed in a new exhibition called IMAGING CHINA. All the artists’ works in this show have been done

in a residence program hosted by MA Studio in China.

MA Studio was born in 2007, the first art residence for emergent Spanish artists in China. The Spanish artist

Judas Arrieta, living in Beijing from 2005 is the director of this multipurpose space, in which he has organized

until the moment, parties, exhibitions, conferences and residences with artists worldwide.

This year 2009 the program of residences from March to the end of October of 2009, 10 Spanish emergent

artists visit and work at MA Studio in China. The selection of the 10 artists of this year has not been a done selection

to finger, all the artists have been selected by a jury which had been tried to show to the great diversity

and quality of artistic proposals that exist at present in the Spanish artistic panorama.

Each artist would do a 2 months residence. They develop an artistic project that would be showed in a festive

event at MA Studio where we mix art and Spanish traditional food. In this year 2009 we organized 5 party/

exhibitions with the works developed by the resident artists, these exhibitions were events of a day, in which

one we invited critics, curators, artists and fans to enjoy the art in a festive way.

October 2008 we made an open call in Spain to find projects and young Spanish artists interested to come to

our residences program. At the end of January 2009 we had got more than 100 artists who presented/displayed

their projects to come to China. In February 2009 we found a jury of experts in contemporary art in Spain

and they chose all the artists for our program of residences for 2009. All the artists who came this year 2009

had been granted by the MA Studio to come to China and to develop their artistic project.

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